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Who Is Paperbag Marketing Group

Paperbag Marketing Group is located in Atlanta, Ga. We help small service based businesses grow. Our specialties include complete web development and support, email and digital marketing. We are a small boutique agency who’s only goal is to increase the bottom line of small businesses through increasing your brand awareness and innovative marketing. Through proven methods, we’ll assist in building a concise, clear and plain English strategy to scale your business from 0 to hero in a short period of time. No fancy industry lingo, no fluff…..we give you a solid roadmap to effectively scale your small business. So, if this sounds like the help you need…I would really love to schedule a few minutes out of your day to discuss a few of the effective solutions we offer.

What We Do

Our approach is from a sales perspective rather than a general marketing approach. Every business is unique in it’s own way, but one thing all businesses have in common is that they all need sales to remain in business.

We spend the time to get to know your business inside out and analyze your current sales process. Sometimes the answer to more sales is not throwing money at yet another marketing campaign. Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment to your current sales process.

That’s what we’re here for…we specialize in assisting your business maximize all opportunities available to you.

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Custom Website Design and Development

As a small business owner, you may already know that your website is the front door to your business. More and more people search for their service providers online. 76% of them search on their mobile device. That’s why it’s important that when someone shows up on your doorstep, you give them the best possible impression. Your look needs to be crisp, to the point and most of all mobile responsive. Look at your website as the foundation to a healthy business. Let us help you with this task. Whether you need a few touchups on your current site or you need a complete rebuild and branding, we have solutions for you.

Complete Digital and Email Marketing

A website is great as a reference point to your business, but a website alone can’t generate a steady flow of customers without a well thoughtout marketing plan. At the pinnacle of any marketing plan is the ability to attract and retain new clients. That’s where we can help. We can assist in reaching your ideal client through digital marketing efforts, bringing new leads into your business. 63% of people never purchase a product or service on the first ad they see of yours. So, after capturing that new lead, we nuture them through email marketing and smart followup processes.

Custom Business Solutions

Do you have effective systems in place? The average small business misses roughly 26% of their sales opportunities everyday due to not having a Standard Operationg Procedure in place. Paperbag Marketing Group can assist you in developing automated systems to keep your business ticking around the clock. We systemize your business from top to bottom with the latest technology available.

Here's What Our Clients Say

Wonderful company to work with. Paperbag Marketing helped us with putting a reliable lead system in place. Marco was extremely patient with us and explained everything in great detail. Will be working with them again to start our email marketing campaigns.

Kevin G.,

Lauriette, Inc